Privacy Policy


Asian Massage For You respects customer privacy in the age of rampant data theft. Please skim through the following clauses to know which personal data a potential client is expected to share with Asian Massage For You and how it will use this information.

It must also be noted that a client does not risk sharing their device data by visiting https://asianmassageforyou.com/. However, they accept and consent to the following policy during the booking process.

For Website Visitors and Callers

Asian Massage For You is an agent and employer for massage therapists and a booking service provider for customers looking to book one of its services.

Asian Massage For You reserves the right to collect and use the following client data:

  • Shared Information: Customers aren’t required to share all personal data with Asian Massage For You. However, they might have to share some information when booking or contacting the service provider via phone. Customers and inquirers may have to provide information including but not limited to date of birth, name, gender, hotel/inn/motel address, email address, pre-existing medical conditions, and phone number.
  • Technical Information/Analytics: The date and time of visits, time zone setting, country and language, service pages visited, page response times, the bounce rate on pages, visit length, page interaction, and the number of times a visitor clicks on the phone number icons.
  • Masseuse Notes: The massage therapists may take mental notes during the session, like their surroundings, pets, and the client’s reaction to the massage techniques. They will not divulge details about a client’s physical and mental health or ask them to be stored on the Asian Massage For You database.

Data Harnessing

Asian Massage For You leverages the above data in the following ways:

  • To perform requested massage services.
  • To share with massage therapists whose services are required by repeat clients.
  • To notify about booking and schedule changes.
  • To act upon constructive feedback for better services.
  • To analyze how interactive and responsive the website is for visitors and clients on smart and computer devices.
  • To measure the results of digital marketing strategies and adjust accordingly.
  • To send reminders about an impending outcall appointment.
  • To carry out internal surveys for improved services.

Data Disclosure

Asian Massage For You shall protect your privacy at all costs, but it may be required—in some cases by law—to divulge a customer’s information.

Below are all parties who might be privy to a client’s data:

  • The suppliers (massage therapists) booked by a client for a massage service.
  • Search engines and data analytics software for website optimization.
  • If Asian Massage For You decides to sell its business, its management may share customer data with the buyers.
  • If some, not all, Asian Massage For You’s assets, including personal data, are acquired by a third party.
  • When Asian Massage For You is legally required to share personal data.
  • To protect the legal and constitutional rights of its stakeholders and employees.
  • To implement terms of service.
  • To regulators, intelligence, and law enforcement during investigations and with a proper warrant.

Client Rights

A client may ask Asian Massage For You not to use their personal information for marketing purposes via phone call. They also reserve the right to know the information Asian Massage For You has about them, where it is currently stored, and how it will be used.

Customers may call 702-859-6313 for such requests.